Sunday, September 4, 2011

Floating in Cyberspace

What a weekend its been. My website is floating around in cyperspace while I wait for my name to be released from my old host to my new and I messed up my blog to the point of no return and had to get a new one, but of course now it can't be named Janet Lee Barton because that was the other blog. Now its janetlbarton, and really who is going to try to find that?
But just in case someone does, I'm going to post this and hopefully, I'll have a new website up in a week or so...
I thought I had everything just the way I wanted it. But because my old host didn't work welll with Mac's, I decided to move my site to MobileMe. And everything worked great. BUT when Apple announced they'd be coming out with the Cloud, they also decided to do away with their webhosting.  Soo, I thought I would just point my name to my blog. And it worked pretty good, looked pretty good and then... I accidently deleted the tabs that took people from one page to the other. Tried everything to get them back...and none of it worked.
SO, I decided to bite the bullet and get another host, but didn't realize it might take a week to 12 days to get my domain name released. :(  For 10 years, I've never had any real down time from the web and for a few moments, I let myself feel lost. THEN I realized I'm NOT lost--because the Lord always knows where I am, and what is more important than that?
So, I'm going to look the web downtime as a break...get some writing done, some reading done...and leave my web presence in the Lord's hands. He'll see to it I'm up and running again, in His time.
Until next time